This is a "gitweb" view of public git projects at About . Some of these projects are packaged for Devuan chimaera and available at my personal package repository.

List all projects in 'ralph/newlisp/'
Project Description Last Change
ralph/newlisp/alsa-dispatcher.git ALSA playback dispatch 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/arper.git Emulate ipv4 presence on a... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/coproc.git Support for coproc in newlisp... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/dbus-api.git Dbus API for newlisp. 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/enitool.git Console tool for editing ... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/hobby-http.git Simple HTTP service for servin... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/humancss.git Stream filter that reads css... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/misc.git Miscellaneous newlisp utilities. 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/newest.git Find the newest file of each... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/packnl.git Packing tool for embedded... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/pinwin.git Making the side monitor sticky... 4 months ago
ralph/newlisp/taplet.git Simulate ARP and ICMP respondi... 4 months ago